All massage sessions begin with a brief consultation
and review of the intake form.






Ultrassage Classic

Our signature massage designed to create an individualized relaxation experience. It’s the ideal choice if you’re new to massage or prefer a lighter touch. The therapist will then use varied bodywork techniques and essential oils designed to calm and soothe the nervous system.

Ultrassage Sports and Stretch

The Ultrassage Sports and Stretch is designed to address stress and tension from over use and over work. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a committed athlete our therapists will design a treatment plan that targets areas of the body that need attention
based on your activity level, frequency and intensity. Our therapists will use compression, friction and myofacial release, along with stretching techniques to help improve circulation, release tension and strain and improve range of motion.

Ultrassage Deep Touch

The UltrassageDeep Touch is designed to address deeper muscle ache and discomfort. This service is best suited for those who prefer a more targeted and therapeutic experience. Our therapists will use varied body work techniques and more intense pressure to help the body
achieve relief from soreness caused by dysfunctional body patterns.