How to Know if You Need a Dental Filling

Miami Dental Fillings by Ultra Smile When it comes to caring for your teeth and mouth, preventative care and identifying problems early on is vital to keeping your oral health at its best. Tooth decay and damage, is, of course, the arch nemesis of a healthy mouth and it’s important to know if it’s present…


Quick Tip: Cracked Tooth

Dr. Bahmadi says: A crack in the tooth allows bacteria to penetrate through the outer protective layer of the tooth (enamel) and the dentin to the pulp chamber where blood vessels and nerve endings reside. Once in the pulp chamber, you will feel the throbbing pain and an infection may result. The treatments of choice…


Trick or Treat Invisalign Promo

The Deal Treat yourself to a confident new smile with Dr. Bahmadi and Invisalign. If you’re been putting off straightening your teeth now’s your chance to have the glowing beautiful smile you deserve without anyone knowing. Call our office today and we’ll evaluate your smile at a no-charge Invisalign consultation. Payments as low as $296/mo…