Addressing Common Myths About Night Guards

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Night guards are an essential tool for those who grind their teeth at night, but misconceptions abound. Let’s debunk some of the most common myths and shed light on the facts to help you understand the real benefits of night guards. Do you want to know more about Night Guards? Read this article.

Myth 1: Night Guards Are Uncomfortable to Wear

The idea that night guards are uncomfortable stems from experiences with poorly fitting, over-the-counter options. People imagine a bulky, rigid device that interferes with sleep, based on initial discomfort reported by some first-time users.

Custom-fitted night guards, designed by dental professionals, are made to fit your mouth precisely, minimizing discomfort. Made from lightweight materials, these guards are tailored to ensure they don’t obstruct your breathing or sleeping, becoming almost unnoticeable with regular use.

Myth 2: They’re Only for Severe Teeth Grinders

There’s a misconception that only individuals with severe bruxism need night guards, possibly because mild symptoms often go unnoticed or undiagnosed, leading to the underestimation of their grinding.

Even mild teeth grinding can lead to significant dental issues over time. Custom night guards are preventive tools that protect against the gradual damage caused by all levels of grinding, acting as a barrier to prevent wear and tear on the teeth.

night guards

Myth 3: Night Guards Cure Teeth Grinding

Some believe that night guards address the root causes of bruxism, thinking of them as a cure rather than a preventive measure, possibly due to a misunderstanding of how bruxism treatments work.

Night guards protect against the effects of grinding but don’t treat its underlying causes, such as stress or sleep disorders. They’re part of a comprehensive approach to managing bruxism, which may include stress management or medical intervention.

Myth 4: Over-the-Counter Night Guards Are Just as Good as Custom Ones

The convenience and lower upfront cost of over-the-counter night guards make them appealing, leading some to believe they offer the same protection and comfort as custom-fitted options.

Only custom night guards provide the perfect fit, comfort, and protection necessary for effective bruxism treatment. They’re made based on precise dental impressions, ensuring they fit your teeth snugly without causing any discomfort or falling out during the night.

Myth 5: Night Guards Are Difficult to Clean and Maintain

The assumption that night guards require special care routines can deter people from using them, imagining a time-consuming and complex cleaning process.

Cleaning a night guard is simple and quick. Regular brushing with toothpaste and rinsing under cold water keeps it hygienic. Your dentist can offer tips for maintaining its condition, emphasizing ease and minimal effort.

Myth 6: They Cause More Harm Than Good

Fear of potential negative side effects, such as teeth shifting or jaw issues, discourages some from using night guards, based on anecdotes or misinformation.

Professionally made night guards are safe and beneficial. They distribute bite force evenly and can alleviate jaw tension rather than causing harm. Regular dental check-ups ensure that the night guard remains a positive part of your oral health regimen.

Dispelling these myths is essential for understanding the value of night guards in protecting dental health. If you’re considering a night guard, a consultation with your dentist can provide personalized advice and ensure you receive a solution tailored to your needs.



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